This ‘Northwoods’ home is a new home, but designed to have the look and feel of a home of the later 1800’s – early 1900’s.

Take some time looking through these photos…you will feel like you have stepped back in time!  Every single detail is period!


The porch features Antique Fir.  The antiques are only a hint of what lies beyond the front door!

This is the front entry that greets you . It features reclaimed fir trim, antique doors, Antique reclaimed brick, antique wavy glass, antique coat hooks, antique light fixtures. Look close and those antique hinges have antique screws. If I’m over using the term antique you’ll have to bear with me because I found this an impressive home.
This was not done as a fad but as what can be done when a passionate homeowner and woodworker join forces to create a unique home.

I furnished the antique lumber and did all the woodwork and floors in this house. This home is also a testament to dedicated homeowners who collected antiques including doors and hardware for a number of years and had a vision for their dream house. The wife was the driving force in this project and a woman of considerable talent.
She did all the finishing for this project including the furniture pieces. This was a major job that she did with layered stains to duplicate the look of the originals.

When one steps from the hall into the kitchen you will be greeted with one of the most unique kitchens I have ever been a part of. Every piece in this kitchen is an antique excluding the island which I made as an antique reproduction.

The range is an old wood burning stove that was rebuilt in Vermont to be gas and electric. The Minnesota cupboard and Hoosier cupboard are in very good condition. The sink is an original.

The lights are originals that have been entirely rebuilt by a professional.

The trimwork is antique fir. The floors are reclaimed antique white pine ,random widths up to 10 inches wide. The beautiful color one sees in the floors is natural patina ,not stain!

The island I built is antique fir as a primary wood with antique pine being the secondary wood. The hardware is all antique furnished by the customer. The top is soapstone. The outlet one sees on the side is the electrical inspectors requirement. The customer nor I were too keen on it.

It features hand cut dovetails …

… and a tip out bin reminiscent of a Hoosier cupboard.

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