This is Part 2 of the blog post on this project– (In case you missed here is the link to  Part 1 )

This ‘Northwoods’ home is a new home, but designed to have the look and feel of a home of the later 1800’s – early 1900’s.

Take some time looking through these photos…you will feel like you have stepped back in time!  Every single detail is period!


Kitchen, dining room and living room all run together and culminate at the parlor stove in the porch. The design has the porch running the full width of the house. This adds a great deal to making the home seem larger. The customer filled these rooms with beautiful antiques.

Please take note of the original parlor stove , rebuilt in Vermont.

Take note of the quartersawn oak sofa that is also an early hide a bed. The homeowner did the refinishing of this sofa herself. The upholstery is 1800 era fabric never used ,that was still new on the bolt.

Please note more of the beautifully restored antique lights. The wavy glass in the transoms above the doors at the end of the living room that invite you into a beautiful four season porch. The doors are an antique shop find .Because all these doors are reclaimed they are different heights ,different widths and all required custom-made jambs to accommodate. No small task to trim this home but totally worth it!

The kitchen, dining and living areas flow seamlessly together. This home has a living room not a great room .What is that anyway . We did reclaimed antique fir trim work and coupled that with antique wide plank white pine floors.

Other than the reclaimed white oak woodwork I had little to do with this master bath but I still love it.

The fixtures are antique ones that have been totally rebuilt right down to the washers in the faucets. Beyond the door lies a closet . Bath and closet have everything one needs and nothing else.

For a small home this house doesn’t stop being interesting. The porch runs the width of the house and makes the living room and master bedroom seem larger.

The antique furniture continues to be a central feature.
The beautiful leaded glass doors leading into the master bedroom were an antique shop bargain, however I did work about five days getting it all back together.

Please take note of the beautiful light fixture that adores the master bedroom ceiling. The homeowner had a piece of metal ceiling which I framed in White Oak.

The trim work I did for the master suite is reclaimed antique white oak, once again the homeowner did a masterful job of finishing this woodwork.

The antique wide plank white pine flooring continues throughout the master suite.

The antiques are still a focal point in these bedrooms and hall.

The entire upstairs of this home has painted Aspen woodwork.

The cabinet is in the 1/2 bath on main floor. It was the front off an antique cabinet that I fit into the bath. It makes a really versatile storage space, because it does go floor to ceiling. 

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