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The Holstrom furniture shop was started sometime around 1900 by my Great Grandfather. He had passed on before I arrived on Earth. His tool chest now rests in my shop and I connect with him when I use his tools on a daily basis.
Some of my fondest memories of childhood are standing in my Grandfathers small shop while he labored diligently on a chair leg or perhaps holding the end of a board for my father. The smell of the wood stove, blended with the odors of oak and pine shavings, are forever locked in my memory. Oh, I can’t forget the wisps of smoke from my grandfather’s pipe. The shop was small, dimly lit with a couple of incandescent bulbs supplemented with light shining through a couple of windows. Tools were mainly hand planes, chisels, and saws. A few power tools shoved against a wall. I said it was small! .
I would be remiss if I did not give credit to the men that not only inspired me but also taught a young boy to love working with his hands, his mind and his heart to become a skilled craftsman. My Father, grandfather, and great grandfather.
Their shop was three blocks from where my shop sits. Was their work always a work of art? NO, they had a family to feed, bills to pay, a depression to survive, Customers who had a need but sometimes little money. They ‘re all gone now but some of their work survives the simple and the sublime and with their influence, I started my business 32 years ago in that I take pride. 
The instructions I received were given with kindness and patience. Sometimes I would give up, Dad would get the piece and show me, “ It could be done”.
Those days are forever part of me and set me on my life’s journey of being a furniture maker. I don’t really know how I could have done anything else. 

I am influenced by many styles of furniture for example Shaker – their clean designs many times find their way into my Contemporary pieces. Mission furniture looks strong and useful, honest in its joinery. I have done several mission pieces, even a commissioned kitchen. 
Federal, Hepplewhite, Chippendale, Queen Anne, all provide inspiration.

Period Reproduction is my favorite furniture style. Though I have also done many custom arts and craft, and Shaker pieces. All are beautiful!

As you peruse my furniture, you will take note that many pieces sit on antique reclaimed floors and are sometimes in a room of custom trim; that is because 32 years ago, I began selling and installing reclaimed antique floors. You will find a link on this site should you be interested. 

Again I sincerely thank you for your interest, please don’t hesitate to call or email with questions.  

Est. 1987

Ron Holstrom Furniture Maker

Ron Holstrom

615 West Alcott Ave

Fergus Falls, MN 56537



Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.

Johannes Brahms

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