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Delivery & Shipping

Our furniture will be FOB from Fergus Falls, MN.  It will be blanket wrapped and shipped with an experienced professional furniture mover. 

Our Warranty

This applies to period reproductions and custom furniture. 

I take pride in crafting furniture that will last for generations. I select the finest wood to be used in my furniture. Wide boards properly dried selected for beauty and stability. I build to allow for movement in solid lumber. However, it can not be eliminated unless one builds with plywood and melamine. Solid wood may expand /contract, crack or warp, the original antiques have and they are still beautiful, serviceable and desirable after centuries of use. I can only hope my furniture will do no less. My furniture will age in the same manner as the originals and will exhibit similar imperfections.

What Are Your Favorite Woods?

If I am building a period reproduction- Black Walnut, American Cherry, Tiger Maple. 
Early American furniture may put Eastern White Pine to good use. Reclaimed woods may lend themselves to early American pieces or custom work.
Hard to beat quarter sawn White Oak for Arts and Crafts furniture.

I Notice You Offer Smaller Accent Pieces

Yes, many times a person loves period furniture but the budget will not accommodate a Chippendale desk.  A porringer table may be realistic. Both look great.
A shaker pegboard looks great,  is extremely practical and budget friendly.

Are All Your Finishes Hand Applied?

Yes ! They didn’t use a sprayer in 1760, neither do I.

Home Environment

Home environment that your furniture lives in. Have your humidity at 40-50%. Guard against wood stoves and heat registers ducting on to the furniture. If your home is too dry your furniture can crack, your wood floors will shrink, your trim work can separate. Sunlight can harm your finish!

Care For Your Custom Furniture

Do not use spray on furniture polish. Use good quality furniture paste wax once or twice a year. Briwax is one I use.

Does Solid Wood, Wide Boards Present Problems?

No, with good wood, properly dried, paired with quality construction I have not had problems. At least not in 32 years.

Est. 1987

Ron Holstrom Furniture Maker

Ron Holstrom

615 West Alcott Ave

Fergus Falls, MN 56537



When we build… let it not be for present delights nor for a present use alone, let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for, and let us think… when these stones will be held sacred because our hands have touched them, and that man will see as they look upon the labor, and the wrought substance of them, See! This our fathers did for us!

John Ruskin

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