Fireplace Mantles

Fireplace Mantles

A fireplace can truly set the tone for a room. They don’t just provide warmth from the heat of the fire, but also from the general invitation to sit down on a comfortable sofa and engage in a conversation with friends.

Maybe even put the cell phones down, or you can keep engaging with your phone, ignore each other and still enjoy the fire. 

This mantle was done about four years ago. When one does a mantle from an antique oak barn beam, there is not really much for me to do to it ,other than not make a mistake when I am cutting it to size.
The man that originally cut that oak tree down and hewed it to size with his broad ax , is the one that deserves the credit. With the current popularity of live edge material you can take note there is some live edge left on this beam. In the early 1800s I don’t think he was being particularly “artsy, “he was probably just exhausted and didn’t really care if there was a little bark left on the timber.
It is a nice, “Look”

This fireplace mantle was done with beautiful hand hewn antique timber.

Floors are Reclaimed Original Surface Antique Oak, 3″ – 10″ width.

This one is a maple painted with milk paint.

This unique mantle was built from Quarter Sawn White Oak.

Ancient Chinese Elm Engineered floor.

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